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Communal and Transgenerational Trauma

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Transgenerational Trauma Shaping History: The Power of Images

My father, Sol, was a Jew from Brooklyn who served in the U.S. Army Air Corps when he met my mother Kate, who had fled Nazi Germany on the Kindertransport. They met at a synagogue gathering in Detroit and married shortly thereafter. Their first years of marriage were largely spent apart, my father being deployed […]

Healing Trauma Across Fourteen Generations

Everything we do will affect seven generations is a saying known and understood by many Indigenous people of the world. The understanding of the impact on seven generations includes the ancestors as well as the unborn ones. Therefore, the act of writing these words are already having an impact on at least fourteen generations. This […]

Place, Historical Trauma, and Indigenous Wisdom

“Place is the first of all beings, since everything that exists is in a place and cannot exist without a place.” – Archytas, as cited by Simplicius, Commentary on Aristotle’s Categories. “To know who you are, you have to have a place to come from.” – Carson McCullen, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. Largely […]